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Sports coating on asphalt designed to playing tennis at all levels with the maximum durability, which seeks balance between comfort and endurance.

Is the most resistance surface of Vector, recommended for tennis clubs, schools and associations to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

High quality sports coating specially designed for professional competition. Fully waterproof, consists of three layers of cushion, that produce a flexible and comfortable support that avoids and prevents injuries.

With high wear resistance, this surface is defined by its exquisite quality complemented by the unique feeling of enjoying top-level tennis. Meets the requirements of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

High quality sports coating, specially designed for playing tennis at the professional and high competition level. This surface has an exceptional elasticity that guarantees a perfect ball bounce and a unique confort in the game.

It consists of 5 layers of cushion. Meets all sports, biomechanical and technical requirements of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It is installed on asphalt, although it can be installed on other permanent or temporary supports to hold tournaments, events, etc.

High performance coating developed for the practice of tennis both club level and professional level. It provides a balance between grip, cushioning and fast movements.

Composed of a 4 mm thick rubber mat applied on asphalt, on which three layers of acrylic resins are applied. It absorbs the hits and reduce injuries, providing maximum comfort in the game.

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