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We believe sports are mainstays in our lives, as they provide vast benefits to our health, leisure, and wellbeing.

Thus, our goal is to find the optimal approach to adapt the playing surface to the needs of each player.

We work to accommodate each court to the necessities of its users, and along with our R&D department, we develop surfaces with the best sports performance and the minimal environmental impact.

The best surface for your sports







Wheelchair sports

Pedestrian walkways

Urban cycling

Roller skating


Roller hockey

Who we are

Jose Antonio Conde, being a former professional tennis player, provides a great experience in this sector, offering a quality of service guarantee.

Our team consists of dynamic, proactive, and highly-qualified professionals with long trajectories and years of experience in different fields within the sports sector.

What makes us different

Our R&D department continuously studies new raw materials and applying techniques. Innovation provides us our products with constant improvements.

Our systems adapt to the necessities of each client, from private customers to the most prestigious championships. The experience of our direction as a professional ATP tennis player allows us to grant the best playing conditions to a wide range of sports.

In Vector Sports, we keep investing in research to guarantee the best comfort on our surfaces. Our constant and intense commitment, along with our passion for sports, has allowed us to develop systems to build safe and innovative resin flooring solutions. These are characterized by their high quality and reliability that have endorsed us over 20 years.

Reliable and resistant
The materials we use comply with the expectations and demands of our clients, offering unrivaled durability and warranties.
In constant evolution
Our sports surfaces always use the newest technologies available in the market.
Wide variety
Customize the colors of the surfaces according to your needs and tastes. We count on a wide variety of options and combinations.